The Thirds · Part 1


The Thirds · Part 1

Behind the intervals in classical music history (part 1)

Executive producer and original idea · Lars Fenger
Directed by Stéphan Aubé
Image · Cécile Trelluyer
Edited by Sarah Levine
Sound production, engineering and mix · Mette Due, TimbreMusic
Camera and video assistant · Kale Jessen

Musical extracts:
Beethoven - Sonata for piano No. 8 in C-minor, Op. 13 (Sonata Pathétique)
Brahms - Sonata for piano No. 1, op.1
Debussy - L’Isle Joyeuse
Ravel - La Valse
Rachmaninov - Etude-tableau Op.39 No.3 in F-sharp minor

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  • Pyramid

    Watch an amazing trio playing in the Sculpture Park at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

  • Grieg · Nature and Emotion

    Behind the notes of Grieg Piano Concerto.

  • Piano Technique in 4 minutes

    Let’s talk about piano technique in 4 minutes!

  • Rachmaninov · The Return

    Behind the notes of Rachmaninov Preludes for piano

  • Schumann · Eusebius and Florestan

    Behind the personality of Robert Schumann

  • Schumann · Arabesque

    Behind the notes of Schumann “Arabesque”

  • The Chromatic Scale

    Behind the scales in the music history.

  • Rachmaninov · Red Riding Hood

    Behind the notes of Rachmaninov “Red Riding Hood”

  • Tchaikovsky · Double Octaves

    Behind the notes of Tchaikovsky’s writting with Boris Giltburg.

  • Stéphan Aubé · Precipitato Interview

    The video director Stéphan Aubé is talking about the making of the "Precipitato" video clip.

  • Mussorgsky · The Promenades

    Boris Giltburg’s personal view on Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition

  • Schumann · The Sphinxes

    Boris Giltburg’s personal view on Schumann’s Sphinxes