• Stéphan Aubé · Precipitato Interview

    The video director Stéphan Aubé is talking about the making of the "Precipitato" video clip.

  • Capricorne

    Watch legendary trompeter Palle Mikkelborg’s latest tribute to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

  • Agoraphobic

    In the past, in the era of the silent movie, it was the music that followed the images.
    In this film the opposite is true.

  • Bach CPE · Allegro

    Watch the French-swiss flautist Emmanuel Pahud play Carl Phillip Emmanuel Bach's Allegro from Sonata in A minor

  • Debussy · Syrinx

    Enjoy master flautist Emmanuel Pahud's emotive rendition of Claude Debussy Syrinx for flute solo

  • Bach · Sarabande

    Watch Christian Poltéra playing on cello the Bach' Sarabande

  • Karen Gomyo & Christian Poltéra

    The making of a video

    The two musicians have a nice and funny talk about the making of the Honegger's video

  • Bach · Sinfonia

    Watch Sergey Malov playing on violin, viola and violoncello da spalla playing Bach's Sinfonia n°6 for piano

  • 4014

    The arts and Rachmaninov's music, played by Boris Giltburg,
    restore our everlasting belief in our earth and our humanity.

  • Sergey Malov

    Making Of Bach's Clips

    Sergey Malov talks about the Shooting of the Bach's videos

  • Bach · Invention

    Watch Sergey Malov playing on violin and violoncello da spalla playing Bach's Invention n°1 for piano

  • Brahms · Trio with clarinet I

    Watch international worldclass musicians playing live the Brahms' trio with clarinet