The arts and Rachmaninov's music, played by Boris Giltburg,
restore our everlasting belief in our earth and our humanity.

Sergey Rachmaninov
Prelude op. 23 N°7

Boris Giltburg, piano

"Best Music Video at the american Directors Circle Festival of Shorts (2015)"

Written and directed by Stéphan Aubé
Produced by Augmentum
Executive producer · Lars Fenger
Producer · Allan O Lückow
DoP · Jacob Marlow
Concept artist · Niels Valentin
Compositing · Jon Angelo Gjetting
Architectural and compositing artist · André Kronsted Holberg
3D digital artists · Teis Johannesson Mørup and Nikoline Deselsted Lind
Production manager · Karina Lærke
Lighting gaffer · Michael Kreutzman
TechnoDolly operator / 1.A.C. · Allan O Lückow
Onset previs operator · Morten V Berg
Still photographer · Torben Rohde
Music producer · Phil Rowlands
Sound design · Baptiste Marie
Introduction text written by Lars Fenger
Storyboart artist · Steffen Vala
Equipment and facilities provided by MoCopenhagen

© Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

  • Pyramid

    Watch an amazing trio playing in the Sculpture Park at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

  • Schumann · Arabesque

    Behind the notes of Schumann “Arabesque”

  • The Chromatic Scale

    Behind the scales in the music history.

  • Rachmaninov · Red Riding Hood

    Behind the notes of Rachmaninov “Red Riding Hood”

  • Tchaikovsky · Double Octaves

    Behind the notes of Tchaikovsky’s writting with Boris Giltburg.

  • Stéphan Aubé · Precipitato Interview

    The video director Stéphan Aubé is talking about the making of the "Precipitato" video clip.

  • Mussorgsky · The Promenades

    Boris Giltburg’s personal view on Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition

  • Schumann · The Sphinxes

    Boris Giltburg’s personal view on Schumann’s Sphinxes

  • Tchaikovsky · Piano Concerto

    Boris Giltburg’s personal view on Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No.1

  • Liszt · The Motifs

    Behind the notes of Liszt Piano Sonata in B minor

  • Rachmaninov · Variation 18

    Behind the notes of Rachmaninov Theme & Variations

  • Beethoven · Boogie-Woogie

    Behind the notes of Beethoven Piano Sonata op. 111