Connesson · Disco-Toccata

Connesson · Disco-Toccata

Connesson · Disco-Toccata

Enjoy Guillaume Connesson's Chamber Music played by extraordinary and engaged musicians

Guillaume Connesson * 1970
Disco-Toccata © Universal Music Vision

Florent Héau, clarinet
Jérôme Pernoo, cello

"My score borrows two elements from Disco music (fashionable since the end of the seventies): the stubborn assertiveness of the pulsating rhythm and the melodic formulae of string riffs. In Disco Toccata, I playfully develop both, exposing them to the unrelenting laws of classical music. For me, this rapidity and repetitiveness draws parallels with Baroque toccata, where instrumental virtuosity is the main expressive source. I have always been surprised by the similarities between todayʼs popular music and the baroque style, so I couldnʼt resist the pleasure (and the provocation) of mixing the two in one short piece."
Guillaume Connesson

Also available on DVD

directed by Stéphan Aubé
edited by Uffe Borgwardt
sound production by Preben Iwan
camera · Dorte Bach and Henrik Nielsen
video assistant · Jacob Bundgaard
color grading · Christian Skriver

executive producer · Lars Fenger
produced by Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and Cubus Film
filmed and recorded at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

© Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

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